Preparing a meal with locally-grown products

These Businesses are committed to serving local food.




In order to participate in Rooted in Appalachia, a restaurant, B&B or retailer must meet at least three of the following criteria:

  • Make a good faith effort to purchase locally-sourced foods on a year-round basis.
  • Consistently carry menu items or offer specials that are built around local, seasonal ingredients.
  • List names of farms and/or farmers who supply locally-grown foods on menus, display boards or other literature regularly seen by patrons.
  • Participate in efforts to promote local foods in your community – farmers market demonstrations, local food workshops, speaking engagements, catering for events, etc.
  • Offer local beers and/or wines by name on your regular menu.


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“Local” for this program means grown or raised in the southern Appalachian mountains, particularly southwest Virginia and east Tennessee, but including western North Carolina, eastern Kentucky and southern West Virginia.


“Foods” includes vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs, mushrooms, dairy products, fresh cut flowers, value-added/processed foods and beer and wine.