Local farm-raised eggs

Rooted celebrates our regional food culture And heritage.

It’s Fresh

  • Local food is harvested and produced at the height of freshness direct to you from the farmer. It’s traveled from down the road instead of across a continent and its flavor and nutrition are unparalleled.
  • Eating seasonally means foods are more flavorful and abundant.  Local Farmers can provide varieties for flavor and freshness. 


It’s Delicious

  • Buying local food means supporting the unique culinary character and heritage of our region.  Whether it’s old favorites or innovative dishes, our food culture here in Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee is one of a kind, and not to be missed.
  • Ever seen a paw paw at the grocery store? How about a ramp or morel mushroom? These foods are not found outside of Appalachia. Supporting your local farmers by shopping at farmers markets and eating at restaurants that feature their ingredients means that you will taste and experience things only available locally.


Local meats

It’s Smart

  • Buying directly from a local farmer means knowing the story of your food, why this variety was chosen, how it was raised and harvested, about the hands that brought it to market.  You can feel safer knowing where your food comes from.
  • A dollar spent locally multiplies its value as it’s spent in the local economy.  Spending your money on local products and with local businesses supports our agricultural heritage, land and generational farms. In turn, the community benefits from a strong, sustainable economy.
  • It’s affordable.  You get amazing quality for a good price, while ensuring that small family farms can stay in business.
  • Local food preserves family businesses and our beautiful landscape, you feel safe because you know where it’s from. 

Bringing local produce to the farmers market


Whatever reasons are important to you, make a wise choice. Look for the Rooted in Appalachia logo wherever you find your food.

 Fresh corn and tomatoes at the farmers market


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